Film Production Selected Body of Work

(In Order of Latest Release

So Long and Thanks for All The Fish - A Perfect Circle

Responsibilities: Writer, Conceptualization, Pre-Visualization, Casting

Slappyness - Pilot Sizzle Reel

Responsibilities: Writing, Producing, Lead Actor, Editor, Co-Directing, Casting

NSA Soap Opera: We the Internet

Responsibilities: Writing, Producing, Casting

WTI: Banned Books

Responsibilities: Writer, Lead Actor, Casting, Production

Medicine - Robinson

Responsibilities: Lead Actor

Two Shots - Goody Grace

Responsibilities: Production Assistant (Art Dept), Featured Extra

Elohim - Half Love

Responsibilities: Production Assistant

Anna Rose - Nobody Knows I’m Here - Social

Responsibilities: Editing (Premier Pro)

Take a Number- Insta Cut

Responsibilities: Editing (Premier, Adobe After Effects)


When it comes to making films, I have a relatively varied career trajectory. At fifteen I started off as an Actor working with Agence Talent, in Austin, Texas. I moved to New York to attend the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, where I graduated from the Dean’s select class in 2014. I began writing sketch with my long term writing partner and former classmate Michael Christensen. It was relatively quick after graduating that we began an internship writing punch up scripts for the yet to be released, YouTube based political satire show, “We The Internet”. Just before release of the show we were asked to come on full-time as writers and co-hosts for the show. What followed was a chaotic release schedule of two scripts written a week, then three or more filmed on the weekends. For “We the Internet’s” first year, we left with over 70 sketches, written, produced and acted in. Collectively, we garnered over half a million views, 25K followers and two Webby award nominations.

After leaving New York and arriving in Los Angeles, I worked for two years on a series of co-writes and joined numerous writer’s rooms, where we produced seven projects, four pilots, and a feature. In a very Los Angeles turn of events, most of these projects, as exciting as they might have been, didn't end up happening but, this didn’t discourage my friends and I. We went back to the tried and true DIY method. We self produced yet another pilot and I began taking an interest in writing for music videos after writing one for my own personal project.

In my last year living in Los Angeles, I began working various production jobs, with multiple companies, most prominently Simian.LA where I worked various roles, both onset and in the office, which lead to being selected to be a part of the Director’s pitching process. While working with Simian.LA, I had the chance to pitch for many high-profile artists and develop my creative concepting skills. All the while, getting some very needed on set-experience and a few acting gigs to boot.

The endless pitching finally stuck gold with “ A Perfect Circle’s - So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” which I co-wrote with the videos director Kyle Cogan. Not only did I write for this video but, I also assisted with pre-production, casting and I ran pre-visualization.

Most recently I have relocated back to Austin, in order to be closer to the Austin and Nashville scenes respectively. I wanted take what I learned in LA and New York and apply it to these rapidly growing markets, be that through working with other production companies or forming my own.